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Dial-Up Networking Setup

These are the instructions for configuring Dial-Up Networking if your are not using the Internet Connection Wizard (recommended), for use with CTConnect.
*note: this is a basic guide and that your computer's screens may differ somewhat but all the settings presented here are correct and will be what you need to fill in depending upon how your dial-up networking screens show up.


From your main Windows desktop, Double-click on My Computer.


Double-click on Dial-Up Networking.


Double-click on Make New Connection.


Name the connection CTConnect and click Next.


Type in the area code, local access number and click Next


Click on Finish.


The Icon "CTConnect" should have appeared in the Dial-Up Networking Window.

Click on CTConnect with the RIGHT mouse button and select Properties from the menu.


Verify the phone number is correct. Be sure to Uncheck the "Use Area Code" check box. Then click on the Server Types tab. (It may be a button in front of the "Configure..." button instead of a tab on earlier versions of Windows 95.)


Make sure the Type of Dial-Up Server: reads: "PPP: Windows 95 (or 98), Windows NT 3.5, Internet". Uncheck every item except for Enable Software Compression and TCP/IP. Then click on the TCP/IP Settings button.

STEP 10:

Select Server Assigned IP Address. Select Specify Name Server Addresses. Then insert into the Primary DNS (number in picture is an example) and into the Secondary DNS (number in picture is an example). Make sure Use IP header compression and Use default gateway on remote network are checked. Click OK.

STEP 11:

Now click on the Scripting tab. Make sure that the "File name:" field is blank. Then click OK. (Note: some versions of Windows 95 do not have a scripting tab. If you do not have this tab, click OK and then click OK again and skip on to the next step below.)

STEP 12:

Close the Dial-up Networking Window.

STEP 13:

Double Click on Control Panel

STEP 14:

Double Click on Internet

STEP 15:

Click on Connection Tab, Then Click on Settings Button

STEP 16:

Be Sure to choose CTConnect from the drop down list of available connections. Enter your user name and password (lower case only for password). Click OK to finish the setup.