We recommend using WS_FTP. To download WS_FTP click on this link- wsftp32a.exe, copy this to a directory on your harddrive, then double click the copied file. After it has loaded find and run the Inst32.exe setup file.

Setting Up WS_FTP


  1. Session Profile should appear. (note: If not then click the Connect button. The Session Profile window will appear.)
  2. Click on the New button
  3. Enter the Profile Name (ex. My Website)
  4. Enter the Host Name as www.ctconnect.com  if your website is under CTConnect, otherwise type your own registered URL address.
  5. Enter your logon user name as the User ID.
  6. Enter your logon user password as the Password.
  7. Click on the Save Password box.
  8. Click on Save
    (note: Before uploading you must call beforehand to set up a directory folder on our web server if it is not setup already!)

Now you have a profile called My Website. To connect to your personal web space, Just load WS_FTP and select My Website from the Profile Name box and click on the OK button.

Uploading the page
  1. Click on the ChgDir button on the Local side and enter the directory on your local hard drive where your .html files are stored.
  2. Double click on your directory name on the Remote side if your desired location is not open already.
  3. Highlight the file(s) you wish to upload in the local side.
  4. If you are transferring .html or text files, then click on ASCII. If you are transferring graphics or binary files, then click on Binary. Or if both, you can just click Auto.
  5. Click on the --> button
  6. You can also make new directories by clicking the MkDir button.


ftp5.gif (12597 bytes)

For support- http://www.ipswitch.com/Support/index.html