Changing Your E-mail /
Dialup Logon Password

(Note: Your Dialup Logon username is also your main e-mail box username. By changing the main e-mail box password you can / will change your dialup logon password as well. Make sure to change your dialup password in your dialer/connect to box or you will not be able to logon to CTConnect. We will not keep track of changed passwords so please make note of your new changed password. Also if your e-mail account is not then you must specify your full e-mail address as the user name, ex. If using Netscape you may need to substitute the % sign for the @ sign, ex.

To change your password or edit your email box features you must connect to the following URL and log onto your mailbox:

Click on Web Console.

You will get a logon screen like this:
maillogon.gif (2562 bytes)
Now enter your CURRENT username and PASSWORD.
A screen like this below will now pop up.

This form allows the user to change the properties of their mailbox.
After you have made your changes click the Apply button at the
bottom of the form to put the changes into effect.

Once the changes are made click on the logoff button.
Then verify the change by logging back on using the new password.
**note if you have trouble logging on using the new password,
reboot your computer and then try logging on again**